A Look Inside 30 Days At The Entrepreneur House - Chiang Mai, Thailand 2016

Recently, I made the journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand to attend The Entrepreneur House.

The group consists of ~20 online entrepreneurs, digital nomads and advisors from around the world who spend one month together to help take their businesses and lives to the next level.

I'm sharing my story, giving you a peek at what 30 Days at The Entrepreneur House looks like. From lessons learned to the activities, I'll dive into this experience of a lifetime.

The Why

The 'why' is easy. On my journey to find purpose, this program would make it impossible not to grow, step outside my comfort zone, meet new people and gain more clarity.

It didn't take me long to make the decision to join after hearing this podcast about Co-living and co-working: AP 123 – Co-Living: The New (or not so new) Trend With Digital Entrepreneurs.

When I ventured to Thailand several years ago, it was for a different purpose: to have fun and see a new place. This time, while I expect to have fun, it's more about doing things that will help me get to the next stage in business and in life.

30 Days of The Entrepreneur House ~ Chiang Mai, Thailand

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