If you desire to improve your lifestyle then one of the most important areas to master is your finances. If you are spending too much time worrying about your finances, and chasing money then you are missing out on truly living. I felt this way back in 2014 - but since then I’ve totally changed my outlook on business and life.

This is my personal blog, an open virtual book to my journey towards financial independence and creating an awesome lifestyle. I have all the resources, tips, and tools that I’ve personally used to get financially fit in my own life.

With tons of valuable content, you can start creating an awesome lifestyle and use many of these tools to get started on your own journey today!

Cool with that…?

My Story

Since 2010, I started plotting my escape from being an average 9-to-5, cubicle dwelling accountant to living a more fulfilling life.

I'm a Certified Public Accountant living in Sacramento, California and I have a passion for personal finance, achieving financial independence and traveling to interesting places.

My goals include being able to work from anywhere, meeting cool people, and enjoying freedom outside of a cubicle. I've realized it's not going to happen for me in a traditional office setting. I want to help millennials and potential clients by sharing my experiences and offering my insight..

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