Find Remote Accounting & Tax Jobs, Freelancing opportunities, seasonal work, and more!

After writing The Ultimate Guide to Finding Remote Accounting Jobs (Plus tips to help you get the interview), I wanted to create a resource so you can easily navigate to the websites to search and apply for remote accounting and tax opportunities.


Accodex Partners

They are expanding their high-tech firm across the globe and looking for accountants who have the entrepreneurial spirit. Build your own book of business working a few days a week or as much as you want, while not worrying about starting an accounting firm from scratch.



This job search website is specifically for accountants. Whether you're looking for an accounting internship, entry-level or experienced job, they have listings from a variety of accounting firms. They also have a dedicated page for remote accounting jobs

angel list.png


What better place to find remote accounting jobs than a website with tech oriented employers? AngelList is a great place to filter out many of the old school employers because this is were much of the talent goes.

Flex Jobs

As the name of this website suggest, FlexJobs has job listings that revolve around flexible work arrangement and working remotely.

Intuit Careers

Help individuals complete their tax returns on TurboTax and get their biggest refund. Intuit Carers has Tax Support and Tax Advisor Roles available.

LinkedIn Jobs

As you may know LinkedIn is a massive professional social network that you need to be on as an accountant. Applying for many jobs on LinkedIn is easy when you have your profile filled out because you can apply in a matter of a few clicks. Unfortunately, I don't see the ability so filter by remote jobs, however, it's still worth checking out. LinkedIn also has a standalone job search app so you can search and apply from your mobile phone

Remote OK

If you really want a website with only remote jobs, then RemoteOK job search by Nomad List is a great place to look. This website was built by a digital nomad, for digital nomads. The only downside is there is not many finance and accounting jobs as there are technology jobs. You can also keep tabs on the top remote companies hiring in 2017 and see what pops up.



Are you a CPA that wants to make some extra money preparing tax returns remotely? Taxfyle is a cool new tax service that recently last tax season is accepting CPAs. They claim you can make around $75 per hour (apply here). Not bad!


Upwork is a website for freelance accountants searching for job listings all over the world. If you desire to have seasonal or project based work, then you've reached the right place.

If you don't care about going remote

Beech Valley Solutions

Find top accounting freelance jobs on demand for CPAs. Make 3x your regular salary and choose your own working hours.



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