Ready To Change Up Your Boring Accounting Job?

Feeling like a boring number cruncher or your accounting career is in a rut? It might be time to change up your boring accounting job.

Here are some things I've read around the web for accountants looking for alternatives:

Why did you choose the accounting profession? (Chris Hooper, LinkedIn Pulse)

The first place you should start by asking yourself this very question. Get back to the "WHY". If you can't answer this question honestly or don't even remember then don't waste your time and get out now.

Itching to quit? (Alex Durand, AICPA Blog)

A great article on what to consider when you’re trying to decide whether to leave your job or stick it out. I've followed Alex's steps for determining the best course of action - and as I suspected it was time for me to leave my accounting job.

Mini-Retirements, Semi-Retirement, Early Retirement — What’s the Most Awesome Lifestyle? (Paula Pant, Afford Anything)

This is a fantastic article discussing the different types of retirement options. You don't have to settle for living the deferred-life plan. It just goes to show, that working non-stop until 65 isn't for everyone. When you figure out what option sounds like the best fit for you, it can make a difference in how to handle your boring accounting job. So, what's your ideal retirement option?

How To Make 75% Of Your Annual Accounting Salary, In 3 Months (The Bean Counter)

As a contract accountant, you can work only during busy season and earn enough to survive the entire year. Could this be the right option for you?

How to become a globetrotting CPA (Courtney L. Vien, AICPA Blog)

This article discusses the possibility of combining work with travel. You don't necessarily need to quit your job, maybe all you need is a change of scenery and a little adventure. If you already work for a great company, getting an international work assignment could be just the thing to shake up your regular routine. 

5 Side Hustles All Accountants Should Consider (The Bean Counter)

Creating a side gig can give you something to do outside of your boring accounting job to get you fired up about making money. Between getting your freelance accounting business set up to participating in the sharing economy - you can start earning some extra income letting you rely less on your accounting job. One side-hustle not mentioned that I do is travel hacking with credit cards. Many accountants already possess the skills needed for this hobby that can reward them with free travel and extra cash.

The Bottom Line

If you are bored with your accounting job, I have news for you: you ALWAYS have options. If you think that you were meant to be confined to a cubicle or think you have to climb the corporate ladder to the top to be happy, you are limiting your mindset. Life is too short to be stuck in a boring accounting job. So what's the next step for you?