Accountants Doing Cool Sh!t: Matt Roberge

“If you’re not happy in your job, you’re probably doing it wrong, and it may be time for a change.” - Matt Roberge | Founder & CEO, SLC Bookkeeping

In this episode of the 'Accountants Doing Cool Sh!t' podcast, I'm joined by Matt Roberge. Matt is an accounting entrepreneur, small business growth consultant, and CEO of Salt Lake City Bookkeeping.

Matt is an avid outdoorsman and knows the importance of maintaining a culture of flexible work schedules for happy employees.

During the interview he shares his advice for standing out as an accountant, how to maintain your lifestyle while growing a business and why just being good at accounting isn't enough to start an accounting business.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • How Matt started his business in the tiny ski town Alta, Utah but has a national reach
  • How he implemented an inbound marketing strategy internally that's produced nearly 40% of his revenues through Google organic search
  • Why his company culture supports a good work/life balance with an emphasis on outdoor sports and activities
  • Why it's extremely important to everyone in his company they maintain an environment that allows all employees to pursue their passions outside of the office
  • How accountants can set themselves apart from the competition
  • Why starting a blog is one of the best ways to grow a business
  • The advice he has for entrepreneurial accountants
  • And so much more!

Please enjoy, and reach out to Matt on LinkedIn! (TIP: don't forget to personalize your connection request)


Listen to the audio: