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"Really great blog and I've been using it to form my strategy for starting a side business."



"You hit a tremendous number of pain points I'm experiencing right now at my regular accounting job. Definitely trying to pursue the freelance accountant lifestyle."



"I really enjoy the community and feel like this is something that will be growing rapidly in the years to come."



"Congratulations on securing the lifestyle you desire within the accounting field! I appreciate the advice and resources you have provided on your site on how to do the same. Thanks!"



Lifestyle Accountant is dedicated to empowering accountants to achieve their ideal lifestyles. Whatever you can imagine for yourself and your career - go for it!

Hey there! I'm Jeff.

Jeff Maddux -

I'm a semi-retired CPAblogger, podcastertraveler, remote worker, and creator of

This website is where I share my journey and help accountants, like you, to work less, live more, and enjoy your accountant lifestyle.

My Story

When I was progressing through my accounting career, I thought I would never escape the 9-5 and the cubicle. I was in a career crisis and in search of a breakthrough.

I spent nearly a decade in my accounting career trying to figure out how to gain more freedom and find work that excites me.

If you're an accountant and desire to achieve a better lifestyle, then you've come to the right place.


Maybe you're dissatisfied with your current job, struggling to make ends meet or don't know the next step to take... So you don't do anything and wait for something good to happen to you "someday".

But "someday" never comes.

And soon you'll find that years have gone by and you feel exactly the same if not worse.

See, I felt this way for a long time. But recently I’ve totally changed my outlook on work and life. Through a process of stepping outside my comfort zone, reinventing myself and creating my own opportunities, I've been able to achieve the lifestyle I had dreamed about.

But just because I have achieved my ideal lifestyle does not mean I'm going to stop there. I'm on a mission to help you with your career and life, saving you an incredible amount of time and energy by giving you the blueprint to how I did it.

I share all the tools and resources that I’ve personally used get financially fit, escape the 9-5 and achieve my ideal lifestyle.

With tons of valuable content, you can start creating your ideal lifestyle and use many of these tools to get started on your own journey today.

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  • Accountants Doing Cool Sh!t Podcast - Hear from inspiring accountants who are building businesses, taking an unconventional approach to their accounting careers, and blazing their own trail. Learn how you can ignite your own accounting career breakthrough to achieve your ideal lifestyle.
  • The Lifestyle Accountants Community (on Facebook) - Join a group of remote accountants around the world. The Lifestyle Accountants Tribe is a private group of like-minded accountants who want to interact, support, inspire, motivate, and assist each other.
  • The Lifestyle Accountant Toolkit - A resource guide for accountants including apps, tools, books and systems that I personally use and recommend.
  • Best Articles Archive - The most popular, most shared articles I've written since the start.


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